Case Study: All Hands on Deck to Create Unique Label Under Tight Deadline

A customer called with a potential “hot” order for a client they were trying to acquire business from. The customer had previously contacted another vendor who could not meet the tight deadline of 24 hours or come up with a solution for the label. The label had two colors, a PMS color and white, printed on a crystal clear stock that was being applied to a bottle. The white ink had to be opaque and printed in size 4.5 pt. font. This type of order would normally ship in 3-5 days but the customer needed the labels to ship within 24 hours with overnight delivery.

Solution: Utilizing Digital Technology
The Order Services team at Discount Labels quickly jumped at the opportunity to help the customer with this very specific, high priority order. After a discussion with the production team, it was determined the best quality product would be printed on a digital press, utilizing two hits of white cromalin ink. Thanks to the combined efforts of several departments, the job was ready for press the next morning and was shipped, as promised, within 24 hours. After receiving the order, the customer responded to the team stating, “The magic you perform is amazing!”